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Location of Facilities

OVC Health Sciences Centre

The OVC Health Sciences Centre (also called the Companion Animal Hospital or Small Animal Clinic), is a referral facility focusing on companion animal care. The OVC HSC carries on a tradition of over 150 years of caring for animals.

Address: 28 College Avenue West, Guelph Ontario

OVC Mona Campbell Animal Cancer Centre

The OVC Mona Campbell Animal Cancer Centre offers advanced tools for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The Institute for Comparative Cancer Investigation (ICCI) and Companion Animal Tumour Sample Bank (CATSB) are part of this facility.

Address: 36 College Avenue West, Guelph Ontario

Comparative Clinical Research Facility (CCRF)

The Comparative Clinical Research Facility (CCRF) contains laboratories equipped for diagnostic and surgical work. This facility is primarily used for preclinical studies and clinical research using healthy client-owned animals.

Address: 63 McGilvray Street, Guelph Ontario