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    Veterinary clinical trials are research studies involving client-owned animals with the ultimate goal of advancing animal and human health care. These studies may try to identify the most effective therapies and practices for a given condition and/or increase our understanding of a disease process.

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    Impact on Human Health Research

    Companion animals, including pet dogs and cats, share many diseases and disorders with humans, ranging from cancers to cardiac diseases to psychiatric disorders. Additionally, our pets have huge genetic diversity, and live in the same shared, complex environment with us. Therefore, naturally occurring diseases in companion animals present an almost perfect model—and a largely untapped opportunity—for the development of new disease treatments.

    While some clinical trials are designed specifically to improve veterinary health, translational clinical trials are also designed as an intermediate step to inform the design of human clinical trials. OVC and the University of Guelph is a hub for translational research in Canada and has launched the first of its kind ‘Bench to Bedside Institute for Translational Health Research and Innovation.’

    Thank you to all of our amazing Clinical Trial patients and their families.

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