Veterinary Clinical Trials at the Ontario Veterinary College

    Veterinary clinical trials are research studies involving client-owned animals with the ultimate goal of advancing animal and human health care. These studies may try to identify the most effective therapies and practices for a given condition or increase our understanding of a disease process.

    Impact on Human Health Research

    While some clinical trials are designed specifically to improve veterinary health, translational clinical trials are also designed as an intermediate step to inform the design of human clinical trials. OVC is a hub for translational research in Canada and is well positioned to translate findings from “bench to bedside“.

    Clinical Trials Performed at The Ontario Veterinary College Fall Into One Of These Two Main Groups:

    Observational Studies

    • Observational studies: investigators assess health outcomes in groups of animals according to a research plan or protocol. These may include:
      • Samples and/or data collection from animals with a certain condition to gain more knowledge about that disease process
      • Samples and/or data collection from healthy animals or certain breeds of animals to be used as normal controls for studies

    Interventional Studies

    • Interventional studies: investigators evaluate specific interventions and measure outcomes in an animal patient according to a research plan or protocol through sample and/or data collection. These may include:
      • Interventions such as medications, devices or procedures, comparison of a new therapeutic approach to one that is standard of care, a placebo or no intervention (safety and efficacy), comparison of 2 interventions to each other to determine which is better or more effective

    For all clinical trials performed at the Ontario Veterinary College, informed consent will be obtained from a patient’s owner. The clinical care of a patient will not be compromised if clients opt to not participate in a study.



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