woman in blue scrubs sitting on a table using a stethoscope to listen to a grey and white cat sitting on the table looking a t the camera

Feline Oncology Clinical Trials

Veterinary oncology is the study and treatment of cancer in dogs, cats and other exotic and domestic animals. The OVC Oncology Service thrives off of a team-based approach to oncology cases. Their aim is to provide a good quality of life to their patients and to prolong survival. To ensure a varied and effective range of treatment options, multiple collaborations and consultations will occur within a veterinary oncology team. This team consists of a radiation oncologist, surgical oncologist and medical oncologists. Currently, the OVC Oncology Service offers local treatment (surgery and radiation therapy) and systemic treatment (chemotherapy and immunotherapy). To learn more about the OVC Oncology service, please click here, and for the Institute of Comparative Cancer Investigation, click here.

Companion Animal (Cats and Dogs) Tumour Sample Bank

Complete Title: Companion Animal Tumour Sample Bank

The objective of this bank is to allow for translation of cancer research throughout the University of Guelph and greater community to improve lives of those with companion animals that have cancer.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Companion animals with a confirmed diagnosis of cancer, and the presence of a tumour are eligible this study


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